Iran Colloquium

Fall 2006

September 29
William Beeman, Brown University, Anthropology
 ”Iran and the United States–The Dynamics of Mutual Misunderstanding”

October 20
Ali Gheissari, University of San Diego, History
“State and the Question of Democracy in Iran”

November 20
Roy Mottahedeh, Harvard University, History Dept. and Director of the Center for Islamic Studies
“Iranians and the Persian Language in Najaf”

December 1
Fakhreddin Azimi, University of Connecticut, History
“The Mystique of Monarchy? Sustaining the last Shah of Iran”

Spring 2007

January 26
Arang Keshavarzian, Connecticut College, Government
“Bazaar Transformations: Governance, Networks, and Politics in the Tehran Marketplace”

March 9
Houchang Chehabi, Boston College, International Relations and History
“Beirut and the Development of Iranian Modernity”

March 30
Asli Bali, Yale University, Irving S. Ribicoff Fellow at Yale Law School
“Iran’s Nuclear Dilemma”

April 20
Daniel Tsadik, University of Pennsylvania, Fellow at the Institute for Advanced
Judaic Studies
“Between Foreigners and Shi’is: Iran’s Jewish Minority”

May 1
Panel Discussion including Alireza Doostdar, Dr. Arang Keshavarzian, and Scott Long
“Iran: Between Reform and Regime Change”
Co-sponsored with the Yale Law School Middle East Legal Forum