Iran Colloquium

Fall 2007

September 21
“Iranian Studies at Yale: A Survey”
By Kishwar Rizvi, Professor History of Art, Yale University
Asghar Rastegar, Professor Internal Medicine, Yale University
Abbas Amanat, Professor of History, Yale University

October 5
Farzin Vejdani, PhD Candidate, Department of History, Yale University
 “Edward G. Browne in the Persian Mirror: Orientalism and Modern Iranian Nationalism”

October 12
Daryoush Ashouri, Iranian Studies Fellow, Yale University
“Reflections on the Iranian Intellectuals and Their Discontents”

November 2
Daryoush Ashouri, Iranian Studies Fellow, Yale University
 “Contending Visions of Iranian National History”

November 9
Daryoush Ashouri, Iranian Studies Fellow, Yale University
 “Persian Language and Literature, and Demands of Modernity”

November 30
Marianna Shreve Simpson, Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, MD
“Iskandar at the Kaba in Illustrated Manuscripts of the Shahnama

Spring 2008

January 25
Naghmeh Sohrabi, Assistant Director, Crown Center for Middle East Studies, Brandeis University
 “The Strange Case of Mirza Abul Hasan Khan Ilchi Shirazi: Qajar Diplomat, Early Traveler, Fictional Character”

February 15
Kouross Esmaeili, Independent Filmmaker and Journalist
“Covering Iran: The Pitfalls of Reporting on Iran for the US Media”

March 7
Michael Barry, Consultative Chairman of Department of Islamic Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City; and Lecturer of Islamic Culture, Near Eastern Studies Department, Princeton University
“Bihzad’s Herat: The Painter and His City in the 15th Century – and Today”

March 28
Farhad Khosrokhavar, Professor of Sociology, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Cadis, Paris; and Visting Scholar, Council on Middle East Studies and Department of Sociology, Yale University
“Islamic Secularization: The Case of the Youth in the Holy City of Qom”

April 18
Ali Banuazizi, Professor of Psychology Research and Political Science, Boston College
 “The Cultural Politics of Martyrdom in Iran and the Middle East”

May 1
Kamran Rastegar, Lecturer in Arabic and Persian Literatures, University of Edinburgh
“Literary Modernity between Persian and Arabic Prose: Jurji Zaydan’s ‘Riwayat’ in Persian Translation”