Saghar Sadeghian

Associate Professor of History at Willamette University, Oregon

Saghar Sadeghian started her higher education in Iran at an underground Baha’i university, the BIHE. She received her MA at Lancaster University in the U.K.; her Ph.D at Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris 3 in France; and then came to the U.S. as a postdoctoral fellow at the McMillan Center, Yale University, where she also received the Rice Faculty Fellowship. Saghar is an assistant professor at History Department at Willamette University.

Sadeghian’s primary research focuses on minority groups and the concept of citizenship in the Middle East. She is working on her book manuscript on “Non-Muslims and the Constitutional Revolution: a Quest of Identity.” She also has a new research project on Environmental History, on “Forestry and Exploitation of Caspian Forests of Northern Iran in the 19th and 20th Centuries.”

Saghar Sadeghian is the associate director of Yale Iranian History Internet Archives (YIHA).

Select Publications: 

“Minorities and Foreigners in a Provincial Iranian City: Bahāʾis in the Russian Consulate of Isfahan in 1903,” Journal of Persianate Studies, vol.9, issue 1: 107-132. (2016)

“Tabriz New Catholic Church: A Construction of Urban Constitutional Crisis (1908-1912),” Iran and the Caucasus, vol. 21, issue 1: 55-72. (2017)

“The Caspian Forests of Northern Iran during the Qajar and the Pahlavi Periods: Deforestation, Regulation, and Reforestation,” Iranian Studies, vol. 49, No. 6: 973–996. (2016)