Program in Iranian Studies

The Program in Iranian Studies at the MacMillan Center promotes study of Iran, Afghanistan and the Persianate cultural sphere, with emphasis on regional and international affairs, domestic political developments as well as society, history, religion, art, art history, culture, law, medicine and public health, economy, and environment. The Program in Iranian Studies strives to reflect diverse views on foreign policy as well as nongovernmental voices and views of deprived groups such as women, intellectual descanters, religious and ethnic minorities, and nonconformists. It also encourages study of Iran and Afghanistan within the broader context of the Middle East, and especially in relation to neighboring Iraq, Saudi Arabia and other countries of the Persian Gulf, as well as Pakistan, India, China, and Central Asia.


Upcoming Events

The Fall 2016 Iran Colloquium series schedule is:

September 16, 4 pm, Reception (Luce Common Room)

September 30, 12 noon, “Eliding Connections at the Margins of China and the Islamic World,” with Rian Thum, Loyola University (ISPS room A001, 77 Prospect St)

October 14, 12 noon, “Democracy and Constitutional Politics in Iran,” with Farshad Malek-Ahmadi, Naugatuck Valley Community College (ISPS room A001, 77 Prospect St)

October 28, 12 noon, “Maziar Bahari: An Iranian Odyssey,” with Maziar Bahari, Journalist and Documentary Filmmaker (ISPS room A001, 77 Prospect St) Co-sponsored by the Poynter Fellowship in Journalism. 

November 11, 12 noon, “The Caspian Merchants and Regional Autonomy in Gilan, 1764-1786,” with Kevin Gledhill, Yale University (ISPS room A001, 77 Prospect St)

December 2, 12 noon, “Zoroastrian Intellectual History,” with Mahnaz Moazami, Columbia University (ISPS room A001, 77 Prospect St)